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 Ticket prices – If you buy your ticket online, depending on the company, the prices are between 25 – 35 dollars one way. – There are tourism agencies that sell fast boat tickets everywhere in Bali, but if you buy from them, the tickets are 2-3 times more. It's best to buy directly at the port, but tickets usually go on sale the night before. – It is always more convenient to take a round trip together. For example: If it's $25 one way, it's $42 round trip. Fast Boat Tickets to Nusa Penida Selling Out Quickly For example, if you arrive at the port 10 minutes before the departure of the first boat in the morning, the probability of finding a ticket is very low. It Makes Sense To Stay In Sanur The Night Before The Journey In this way, 1) You both buy your ticket the night before and guarantee your place, 2) You save the day by getting on the first boat. Leave your suitcases at the hotel, make small bags and go to Nusa Penida. Now let's get to the most important detail: Th